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Video: How to Fake Depth of Field in Photoshop

Sometimes, due to a lack of space available, it's possible to be unable to achieve as shallow a depth of field as you might like. The pen tool, although more time-consuming, is a far more accurate way to create paths than any of Photoshop's other tools.

This video from Phlearn shows how to fake depth of field using Photoshop's new tilt shift blur filter.

How to Fake Depth of Field in Photoshop, Phlearn

How to Fake Depth of Field in Photoshop


Video: How to Use a Snoot for Portrait Lighting

Snoots are a lot of fun because they create a lot of contrast.

In this video by Jay P. Morgan, you will see some of the cool and dramatic effects that can be created with snoots!

How to Use a Snoot for Portrait Lighting, Jay P. Morgan

How to Use a Snoot for Portrait Lighting


Before and After: capturing the you everyone remembers, Part III

When we think about other people's appearances, we're usually far more kind to them than we are to ourselves. A photo straight out of the camera can be ruthless because it's a set moment in time. Onlookers aren't having a conversation; they're studying your face at length! Blemishes and wrinkles have nowhere to hide!

In continuing the Before and After series, this post will show you the difference a little professional retouching can make. Below you'll see close ups of what you can get when you hire me as your portrait photographer.

(All photos -- both the originals and the retouching -- are the product of my own work and are copyrighted. Mouse over the photos to compare the before and after images.)


Wrinkles and Sagging skin:

Wrinkles can show a lot of personality in a face and can make for a striking photo; however, softening wrinkles is usually appreciated. If only candle light could follow us everywhere...

Sample of under-eye wrinkles retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)

The image above shows a dramatic softening of wrinkles, yet is still very realistic. There's still texture to her skin. 

Sample of face/chin wrinkles and lipstick retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)

The wrinkles in the above example are so slight that in person, you wouldn't even see them. 

Sample of wrinkles and skin retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)

 Loose skin is minimized in the example above.


Acne can be a real drag, but you don't have to cancel your appointment just because of it. After becoming allergic to benzoyl peroxide, I've been dealing with adult acne flare ups on my chin. The photos below are mine and thankfully, it's finally getting under control -- except for the last 2 days -- _major_ Flare up! Not Cool!

Sample of chin and acne retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)

Yes, indeed, that's my chin, folks! Pretty gross in the before photo, eh? I may need a glass of wine before going through with posting this for the world to see, but it's only fair that I lose my anonymity in a post like this. 

Sample of forehead and acne retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)



Sample of crooked teeth retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)

Crooked tooth fix, teeth whitening, and subtle lip color enhancement

Sample of teeth whitening. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)

Teeth whitening

Sample of hair dye color retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)

I always recommend that you get your hair cut and/or hair dye touched up but you may be choosing to grow out your color, are pregnant and avoiding the chemicals, or other reasons that cause even the best plans to fail. 

Airbrushing has been given a bad rep for creating a beauty standard that not even the models in the magazines can attain. But airbrushing also seems to be here to stay and maybe some of us can sleep a little better at night knowing that whatever comes the day of our headshot session, doesn't have to be a permanent fixture in our photos. 

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Basic Newborn Posing Technique

Believe it or not, newborns are not usually naturally photogenic. There are a lot of changes going on in their little bodies that are very temporary, which is why when we think back, we only remember how perfect our little loves are. Those perfect memories are what good portrait photographs help us recall.

In this video, Kelly Brown shows one wrapping technique that can be used to create a classic newborn pose.

Basic Posing Techniques, Kelly Brown


Three-Point Lighting for Portrait Photography

This video from the very talented Ed Verosky shows an example of a basic three-light setup.

A couple of thoughts: I find it interesting that they used a strobe for both the key light and the rim light, but a flash for the fill light. In my opinion, you either want to use strobes or flash. Pick your poison, and stick with it. Regardless, keeping your color temperature consistent is paramount!

I really enjoyed the graphics used in the video to diagram the lighting setup and that not everything is spoon-fed (like lighting ratios and specific modifiers) because that can really stagnate creativity.

Three-Point Lighting for Portrait Photography, Ed Verosky Photography Tutorials