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New Print Ad!

It's been a while since my last blog post. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! I've just been unusually busy lately, with a lot of requests for headshots and event photography. However, I did have time to put together this new print ad:

Ad for University Club of Washington DC MagazineAd for University Club of Washington DC Magazine

I'll try to get more blog posts up soon -- both articles and examples from my recent photo sessions.


6 Reasons to Book Your Newborn Session Early

I'm honored everytime I get a phone call or email from someone wanting newborn photos in the Baltimore and Annapolis area. Whether they want to come into the studio or to be photographed in the comfort of their own home, more often than not, the first contact is made after the baby has been born. While I'm glad to share in their excitement, there's a bit of planning that must take place in order to set up a session. By booking your session while you're pregnant, you'll receive the following benefits: 

6 Reasons to Book Your Newborn Session Early

6 Reasons to Book Your Newborn Session Early,
Newborn photo, Baltimore, MD. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography)

1. Those dreamy newborn baby photos are taken within the first 10 days of birth. Babies naturally uncurl to varying degrees shortly after birth, so the sooner your newborn session can take place, the better! Plus, you get first dibs as to when you want your session(s) to take place.

2. After the delivery, parents are able to take advantage of the hospital nursery in the evenings, allowing you to get more restful sleep than you would otherwise. This beauty rest shows up in the family photos taken at newborn sessions. 

3. You have the option to take "baby bump" (read: maternity) photos. This is yet another very special time in your lives, marking the last intimate moments before your child arrives in this world. Women who worry about feeling overweight in their photos can book sooner to aleviate this. There are also many slimming posing tricks to help with this as well. Baby bump photos are very reasonably priced and it's better to have even just one professional image of this than it is to have regrets down the road. 

4. Baby acne can start as early as day 10! By reserving a block of time, your baby can be photographed earlier. 

5. You can gather sentimental hierloom items to use during the session.

6. You can arrange for extended family members to take part in the session. What grandparent doesn't want to be there for this incredible time in your lives?! As always, here at Angela Ferguson Photography, extended family members are not only encouraged to participate, they are welcome free of charge

If, however, your baby has already been born, don't fret. Capturing the love you share will shine through in a natural lifestyle newborn photo session. More about that to come! 


How Negative Fill Can Add Dimension & Contrast to Your Lighting

Negative fill is using the absence of light by flagging, or blocking the light source. This is another useful technique for creating the image you want. This video from Indie Cinema Academy covers the concept very well, and negative fill is one of many different ways to harness the power of light -- important skills to have as a photographer!

These tips will allow you to harness the power of light for your headshots, family portraits or outdoor photo sessions.

How Negative Fill Can Add Dimension & Contrast to Your Lighting, Indie Cinema Academy

How Negative Fill Can Add Dimension & Contrast to Your Lighting


When the photographer's away, the scammers will play...

Waterfall, St. Lucia. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)Good evening, everyone! If I've seemed quiet lately, it's because I've been traveling the Caribbean for the past two weeks! Everyone needs a nice, non-working vacation once in a while! There were still some nice photos to be had, though!

I returned to work today, and I was quickly reminded of the challenges that face me a small business owner. The bulk of today was spent catching up on the mountain of email that had piled up.

    ...Junk mail...

    ...Social Media notifications...

    ...Photo session requests...

    ...and scammers!

Two of the requests that I'd received turned out to be scams, trying to take advantage of small businesses like mine. Luckily, a little research alerted me to the problem. For all you other photographers out there -- or other small business owners out there -- beware these names:

  •  witney wharf - "Witney" wanted to hire me for event photography, and it all seemed legitimate at first, but suddenly she needed to also pay me for the event planning costs because her event planner didn't take credit cards. Oh, come on -- what event planner doesn't take credit cards? SCAM!
  • Ross Feinstein - "Ross" wanted to hire me for a family reunion. On the heels of "Witney," my spider sense started tingling. Sure enough, this is a similar SCAM!

So, add these folks to the naughty list with "Jennifer McMahon the lawyer".

It's tough of there, folks. Be alert and be aware -- but also know that it's worth it, because there are people like Pamela, who intends to get a special portrait done for her husband's birthday. It's those sweet gestures and wonderful people who make all the effort so rewarding!

Waterfall, St. Lucia. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)


A Complete Guide to Posing with Julia Kelleher 

This 15-minute video covers a lot of ground when it comes to posing for photography. Whether you're photographing couples, newborns, or headshots, this video is sure to have information that you'll find useful. Topics range from basic composition (like the rule of thirds), to focal plane, to lenses for portrait photography.

By the way, Ms. Kelleher is correct in saying that the 85mm lens is better than the 50mm for portraits, but remember that while an 85mm lens is far superior to a 50mm lens on a full-sensor camera body, the results are different when you are working with crop-sensor camera bodies. For instance, a 50mm lens on the Canon 7D is almost equivalent to an 85mm lens. (Actually, just past the 53mm mark is the 85mm equivalent on camera bodies with a 1.6 crop factor)

A Complete Guide to Posing with Julia Kelleher, CreativeLive

A Complete Guide to Posing with Julia Kelleher