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Completely Personalized Sessions


So many LinkedIn headshots look alike. When you want to stand out from your competition, appear confident, approachable, and professional, all the while having your true personality shine through, it takes more than getting just any photographer to take your picture.

You need a completely personalized experience with Angela Ferguson Photography. With us, a headshot session isn’t at all like going to the DMV or mall studio where you sit down and a photo is taken and you’re done.

We dig deep to bring out exactly how you want to be perceived, minimize what you’re self-conscious of, and really capture your personality. The results are that your photos look and feel like yourself at your absolute best!

There’s a whole coaching session with exercises to find your best angle, pose, and expression to put your best face forward. With Angela Ferguson Photography, you don’t have to worry about the outcome not looking flattering or lacking your essence.

You’ll have peace of mind with instant results so there’s no question when you leave the studio that you made the right choice by choosing Angela Ferguson Photography.

Expert Retouching Above & Beyond

With Expert Retouching included on all purchased prints and digital images, you don’t have to wait to lose weight, worry about blemishes, or not being tan enough! With multiple levels of retouching available, you get to choose whether you want your results to be subtle or glam! Angela Ferguson Photography takes care of things that even makeup can’t cover.

Angela Ferguson Photography emphasizes or minimizes distractions in the:

    1) eyes, 

    2) smile,

    3) skintone,

    4) hair,

    5) clothing.

This sounds very simplified, but it includes a lot of different aspects for each.

For instance, eyes aren't just your 1) pupils, but also your:

    2) irises, 

    3) eye whites, 

    4) eye lashes, 

    5) eye lids, 

    6) under eye area, 


Angela Ferguson Photography takes into account each of these areas and more in just the eyes when she's evaluating your images in order to give you the best possible headshot without looking plastic, unless by request!

Angela Ferguson, Maryland Portrait Photographer

About Angela Ferguson

Hi, I'm Angela Ferguson and I am a professional photographer in the Baltimore-Annapolis area. I specialize in portrait photography, including newborns to seniors and corporate headshots. I can put your best face forward on LinkedIn, Facebook, dating, and business websites. With expert retouching, you don’t have to wait to lose those 5 lbs or for those blemishes to go away!

With my trained eye, you can rest assured that our experience together will produce pictures that you will enjoy.

It takes more than just “talent” to get great photos:

I started taking pictures in my teens, and in college I started supplementing my photographic experience by pursuing a degree in Graphic Arts and honing my artistic eye. I graduated cum laude with a degree in graphic arts and became a member in three honors societies. In short, I have extensive post-processing skills that surpasses most other photographers out there. In addition to this, I have also been a member of F-Stop International Professional Photographers. It's all led me to be able to do this for a living and I love it!

Why should you care?

Everyone, including babies, has skin imperfections but nobody notices them when having a conversation with you. We only notice those imperfections when we study the person’s face like we do in a photo. My goal is to make your photos look the way people remember you after a conversation: at your best! Airbrushing deservingly gets a bad reputation, but since it’s here to stay, why not use it to our advantage? Your photos should always show you at your best!

I do a lot of subtle things that result in you receiving a far better image compared to what you’d get from the average photographer. And I take the time to listen and edit your images based on your individual wants. I can retouch your images as natural or exotic as you want.

Something personal...

I’ve recently become completely obsessed with hiking despite the fact that I’m a complete wuss around bugs. So in my spare time, I’m either traveling as much of the world as I can, hiking out in the woods, or cuddling with my husband and our little “girl” (a bichon frise). If I had an unlimited source of money, I’d pack a tiny bag and perpetually travel the world!


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