Frugal incredible deal to Prague!

At this point, my obsession is out in the open. About eight months ago, I spotted a hotel deal to Prague in the Czech Republic. What was better was that I found two Delta flights that were rock bottom on only two specific days in April that coincided with the hotel deals. With a two week gap between both flights, we were set for one fantastic time! We stayed at K&K Central Hotel right off of Old Town Square. Included in the price was a complimentary hot breakfast buffet. Then, we would eat a late lunch/early dinner each day and enjoyed a Nutella crepe each evening from this one particular stand in Old Town Square and from a guy we came to know as Miller (pronounced MEE-ler).

Dennis and I had been to Prague two years ago and although we just about froze to death, loved the architecture and thick history of one of the most preserved cities in the world. Prague is commonly known as the city of 100 spires and is a photographer's paradise. This time, we went when the weather was warmer, as Easter is celebrated much later this year than usual. Last time, in March, it snowed sideways at some points in the day -- every single day! -- except our last full day. When I came home from that trip, I bought a full-length down jacket and vowed that if I ever went there again, I'd be prepared!

Well, it seems I could have used more t-shirts this time around! We even managed to get suntans! I strictly practice carry-on-only baggage. Sure it's means handwashing clothes and line drying them in the room each night, but I prefer that to having way more luggage than I need and the stress of lugging bags around if hotel rooms aren't ready yet or dealing with finding bags that don't make it to our destination. The washings are very manageable if they are done nightly.

It is always freeing to find out how little we actually need when we practice carry-on only baggage. Timothy Ferris has won the record in my book for the lightest carry-on only travel practices. He has a short video of how he travels the world with 10 pounds or less here.

I'll be posting pictures soon!