Frugal extended weekend getaway #1!

Bringing a camera to a place like Atlantic City may seem a little crazy to some, but when focusing mostly on details, it works!

I spent many a precious moment after moment in almost this exact spot and it was time well spent!


One thing to note, and it's a big note, the first evening we sat down to eat at one of the regular more modestly priced restaurants at Harrah's was our last! Before we had ordered anything, I noticed this very obvious clump of dried food on the spoon in front of me and it wasn't just a fluke; the rest of the silverware was covered in a haze that was hard to miss. We let the server know before ordering, but that ensured many pizza deliveries at a much cheaper price from Tony Boloney's.

Does anyone else see two eyes and a long nose in this picture?


I love how this one gives off an erie vibe as if I've happened upon a creature from deep in the oceans. The colors come from the lighting. Our eyes are trained to see what a white object like a piece of paper looks like in different lighting conditions, however the camera cannot see "white" and instead relies on some basic settings of temperatures of light measured in Kelvin. When different light sources combine, it can produce interesting pictures like this, which can make it so much more interesting than what our eyes can see. The erie yellow in the picture is from an incandescent light and the green in the bottom right is coming from a fluorescent light.