Visualizing the Outcome - A Darker Cinderella Tale

When I take a picture, I see it as an opportunity to make art. What mood am I trying to convey? What drew me into taking this shot? How can I make this picture say more? Colors, composition, emotion, and lighting are all important parts of making a picture a work of art and should be considered both before and after you take a picture. What I mean is that there are decisions you can choose to make your pictures even better before you take your picture and in post-production. 

Decide what you want to convey in your picture before you take it.

Above is a picture I took at Disney's Magic Kingdom. In my head, knew I wanted it to be dark and mystical and had anticipated when and how I would take the picture. I could see it in my mind and loved the dark feel I knew I could get by taking this picture and then in post-production, I could manipulate the picture so that the end result would be what I had first envisioned and knew I could create before I ever took the picture. 

Taking great pictures doesn't have to be a game of chance.

It seems as if Cinderella's Castle is being house sat and redecorated by the evil Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty or maybe Cinderella's Castle by night turns into a fortress more fierce, protected, and not to be messed with! That's one street-smart princess! Mmm-hmm!

The next time you take out your camera of choice, stop, take a breath, and think about how you can make the picture you're about to take something even better.