Visualizing the Outcome, Part II

In continuing with Visualizing the Outcome, Part 1, Here's a couple more pictures of Cinderella's Castle the way most people have come to know it but there's still more that can be done to cater your work to your audience. The first step before doing any post production is to keep your audinece in mind. Who is your audience? Where will your work be displayed?

This is the happy Cinderella's Castle that feels welcoming and warm and filled with all things sweet inside, including Cinderella, herself. Notice the candyland colors through out the picture are bright and child-like.Notice the candyland colors through out the picture are bright and child-like.

Don't forget about the other potential audiences you may have left out. A lot of people like Disney World. After all, Disney Themeparks are the places to go to where both infants and grandparents can ride almost all of the rides together!

Maybe something a little more for the grown ups? How about a regal Cinderella's Castle? Keep your audience in mind and find ways to branch out to other audiences.

By practicing thinking about the hints in part I, you will start to be able to plan for and make any picture a work of art that says much more than a snapshot. Great pictures don't have to be accidental.