Why Photography is Priceless

Imagine you had $1,000 to spend on something to put in your house. I know a lot of women who would want to get a new couch and a lot of men would want to get the new state of the art television/sound system.

Now lets jump in a time machine 15-20 years ahead. That beautiful new couch you purchased now has seen better days and that state of the art television/sound system looks like a flashback from the past.

Now imagine you spent that money on professional photos of your family. Moments and milestones in your family's life that were over just as quickly as they began.

Your son or daughter's first moments as a newborn and then as a cooing baby, then at their first birthday, as a toddler, their first years of school, first dance, first car, senior year, college, and in a flash they have a family of their own!

Or maybe you don't have children and have a furry family or it's just the two of you. Of course its tragic to lose a loved one but imagine you had spent that money on meaningful photos of your loved one that you can cherish even after they are no longer able to be here with you.

Had you set aside that money for meaningful portraits of your family, I'm sure that those pictures will be priceless to you 15-20 years down the road.

You'll enjoy gazing at them on your walls back when there was so much possiblilty and so many experiences yet to be had! You wouldn't even be willing to sell them for $1,000!

This is just a reminder for some of you to not only slow down and smell the roses, but to remember to create keepsakes of these moments in life that go away far too quickly.