Narcolepsy: Not Alone

Narcolepsy Not Alone studio self portrait, Glen Burnie, MD

A friend of mine, Julie Flygare, has become a narcolepsy advocate to help make people aware of this chronic illness as well as promote advances in medical treatment. 

As one of her fundraisers for narcolepsy, she started offering t-shirts promoting one of her campaigns called Narcolepsy: Not alone

Often, people with narcolepsy feel like they are the only ones because the disease is so little known and it often takes 10 years to finally receive diagnosis since so few doctors know about this chronic illness. 

To learn more about narcolepsy, check out the infographic below created by Julie as well as her website, blog and Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy for more information on this fascinating illness. 

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