Dance Audition Photography ~ Linthicum Heights, MD

This young lady is a very talented dancer! Catie's parents hired me to take her photos for the upcoming World Dance Pageant and to get into the Joffrey Academy of Dance. According to the mom, Catie had been photographed twice for this recently but they just weren't happy with the outcome so they came to me. I can't imagine what the problem was because Catie was such a great dancer and she needed very little coaching from me. It's like she entered my studio and it became her world.

I knew I was in for a treat when she came to my studio for dance pose photography and headshots. During the session, I photographed an array of dance poses, each one beautiful and without a doubt very difficult, but this dance pose in particular is one I haven't seen before so I couldn't help but stop and share it because beauty like this should be shared with the world!

Ballet Dance Photography, Linthicum Heights, MD. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography)

Plans are already in order by Catie's parents to hire me for more dance photos in an outdoor session for dance leaps and jumps. Catie has a younger sister who is also a dancer and may be following in her sister's footsteps.

Ballet Dance Photography by Angela Ferguson Photography

Ballet dance studio portrait photograph. Taken for an audition for the Joffrey Academy of Dance, Linthicum Heights, Maryland