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For women, punching up your make up a little more than you usually do on the day of your headshot session is a great idea but can also quickly turn beautiful lashes into Tammy Faye monstrosities! So what should you do?

Portrait headshot with makeup. Severna Park, MD. (Copyright Angela Fergusoon Photography)


Well, you have a couple options: 

Try a "dry run": 

Instead of just thinking about punching your make up a little more on the day of your headshot session, instead try creating your look the day before our a couple times in the weeks leading up to your session. This won't mean that nothing bad can happen the day of, but at least you have a better chance of things going off without a hitch.

Hire a make up artist: 

Make up artists can range from complimentary skincare/makeup application guides to hundreds of dollars. It's best to get a makeup artist that your photographer recommends or you've found through word of mouth. 

When make up doesn't cut it, ask your photographer: 

Expert retouching is included in all of my portrait session fees and I retouch all purchased images because even with make up, the camera picks up things that virtually nobody else sees, so why should those things have to be there on something as important as a headshot?

    Before and After: capturing the you everyone remembers, Part III

In the photo I used for this blog, this nutritionist hired me to photograph her so that she could have a better photo for the website of the doctor's office where she works.

Her make up:

Brandi Layton, the make up artist, helped ensure A's skin was in optimal condition for her new look and Brandi picked a beautiful pallet that helped emphasize A's eyes and set off her makeup.

As you can see in the before image below, A was gorgeous with her new make up look when she arrived at our studio. Place your cursor over the image below to see the before version.

Portrait headshot photos with makeup, before and after retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)


As the headshot session continued, A mentioned that she didn't like something on her face. It had nothing to do with make up or make up application and nobody else would notice this unless it's pointed out. But the camera sees it. It required Photoshop.

That's not the only thing I used Photoshop for to help A's appearance. I also emphasized the:
    1) eyes, 
    2) smile, and 

    3) skintone. 

This sounds very simplified, but it includes a lot of different aspects for each.

For instance, eyes aren't just your 1) pupils, but also your:
    2) irises, 
    3) eye whites, 
    4) eye lashes, 
    5) eye lid, 
    6) under eye area, 


I take into account each of these areas and more in just the eyes when I'm evaluating my images in order to give you the best possible headshot without looking plastic.

In the rollover image below, you can see a close up before and after of her skin.

Closeup portrait headshot photos with makeup, before and after retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)


Photographs by Angela Ferguson Photography, Make up by Brandi Layton, Retouching by Angela Ferguson Photography
To contact Brandi Layton, Makeup Artist:
    Brandi's website
    Email brandilayton@marykay.com
    Call 443-996-9185


Angela Ferguson, Baltimore/Annapolis photographer
Angela Ferguson is a professional photographer in the Baltimore-Annapolis, specializing in headshot photography. She runs her own photography studio, Angela Ferguson Photography.

Portrait headshot photos with makeup, before and after retouching. Severna Park, MD. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015)

Portrait headshot photos with makeup, before and after retouching. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2015) Severna Park, Maryland.