Family photo - Patapsco State Park

I really love photographing in nearby Patapsco Valley State Park. There's something about being out in nature that lifts the spirits and brings people closer together.

Family reunion photo, Patapsco State Park, MD.

Family reunion photo, Patapsco State Park, MD.

Of course, the weather's gotten a little colder now, but there's always my studio for portraits!

Self portrait - Washington, DC

I took a quick self-portrait with Dennis at one of the events I recently photographed.

Thank you to Krista Long and the University Club of Washington, DC for hiring me to photograph another one of your events and for your amazing engineering group for creating the whole moon backdrop from scratch with even a bench so people could sit on the moon!

Couples Self Portrait, Sitting on the Moon (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography)



Angela Ferguson, Baltimore/Annapolis photographer
Angela Ferguson is a professional photographer in the Baltimore-Annapolis, specializing in headshot photography. She runs her own photography studio, Angela Ferguson Photography.

Couples Self Portrait, Sitting on the Moon, Washington, DC. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography)

Couples Self Portrait with Angela Ferguson and Dennis Ferguson Sitting on a Paper Moon at the University Club, Washington, DC. Couple lives in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

A Complete Guide to Posing with Julia Kelleher

This 15-minute video covers a lot of ground when it comes to posing for photography. Whether you're photographing couples, newborns, or headshots, this video is sure to have information that you'll find useful. Topics range from basic composition (like the rule of thirds), to focal plane, to lenses for portrait photography.

By the way, Ms. Kelleher is correct in saying that the 85mm lens is better than the 50mm for portraits, but remember that while an 85mm lens is far superior to a 50mm lens on a full-sensor camera body, the results are different when you are working with crop-sensor camera bodies. For instance, a 50mm lens on the Canon 7D is almost equivalent to an 85mm lens. (Actually, just past the 53mm mark is the 85mm equivalent on camera bodies with a 1.6 crop factor)

A Complete Guide to Posing with Julia Kelleher, CreativeLive

A Complete Guide to Posing with Julia Kelleher

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