Alaska - Mendenhall Glacier

While in Juneau, I signed up for a tour with Gastineau Guiding and it involved a hike along the Glacier Trail to Mendenhall Lake. Not surprisingly, on one side of the lake is Mendenhall Glacier. Seeing some glaciers was one of the goals of my Alaska trip, and being able to photograph a glacier close-up was definitely a highlight. Our guide told us that in 20 years, the warming temperatures will cause the glacier to recede past the point where it can be seen from the lake. While the melting glaciers is hardly news anymore, the time span -- only 20 years? -- made it tragic in a whole new way. A tangible way.
I felt truly blessed to have been able to see this before it was too late.
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska. Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography, 2014.Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska. Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography, 2014.

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