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Newborn photo.

Newborn photo.

Naval Academy Newborn Photo! ~ Annapolis, MD

I gave a presentation today on the importance of retouching newborn photos. Retouching can be a lengthy process and to completely retouch just one photo from start to finish would easily take more time that I had available for the presentation, so I did an overview of the different things I did to this image to get the final result. This included:

Naval Academy newborn photo. Annapolis, MD. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2016)

Naval Academy newborn photo. Annapolis, MD. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2016)


  1. Talking about what the camera sees versus our eyes and how we usually don't notice how magenta our skin gets when we get all warm and cozy, but that photos capture it and we might not notice unless someone shows us a before and after like this and then it becomes extremely apparent how much the image is improved when this is corrected.
  2. basic edits like brightening the eye area, shine removal and tone enhancement
  3. I showed how I digitally closed this baby's mouth. This baby was out cold and wanted to mouth breathe so no matter how many times I got this baby's mouth to close, she immediately would open her mouth so that the most I could get in the camera was a partially closed mouth. I also talked about the wrong and right way to do this and that it can be very easy to overdo the effect.
  4. color corrected extremities such as the toes, noes, and ears...
  5. magenta removal and why you don't want to remove all and that certain parts of the body need more magenta than others
  6. cloning out the diaper peeking out under the bloomers
  7. meticulous removal of distracting things like dryer fuzz, smudges, etc.
  8. even out skin tone -- yes, even babies have blotchy skin and can use some help
  9. more correcting options for skin tone

Please note that some of these edits might not be as visible in the web version of this image, but it definitely makes a difference in prints!

Angela Ferguson, Baltimore/Annapolis photographer

Angela Ferguson is a professional photographer in the Baltimore-Annapolis, specializing in headshot photography. She runs her own photography studio,

Angela Ferguson Photography


Naval Academy newborn photo. Annapolis, MD. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2016)
Naval Academy newborn photo. Annapolis, MD. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography 2016)

Naval Academy newborn photo. Annapolis, Maryland. Tags: navy, newborn, baby, military, photo, studio

Preparing for tomorrow

I just wanted to post a quick photo of Angela getting ready for some newborn sessions tomorrow. There's a lot of work that goes into making things look so easy!!

Angela preparing for tomorrow's newborn photo sessions

Dennis Ferguson
Dennis Ferguson wears many hats. He is an IT manager for the Social Security Administration, the president of Baltimore Concert Opera, a trustee of Lovely Lane United Methodist Church, and the webmaster and social media manager for Angela Ferguson Photography.

Angela preparing for tomorrow's newborn photo sessions

6 Reasons to Book Your Newborn Session Early

I'm honored everytime I get a phone call or email from someone wanting newborn photos in the Baltimore and Annapolis area. Whether they want to come into the studio or to be photographed in the comfort of their own home, more often than not, the first contact is made after the baby has been born. While I'm glad to share in their excitement, there's a bit of planning that must take place in order to set up a session. By booking your session while you're pregnant, you'll receive the following benefits: 

6 Reasons to Book Your Newborn Session Early

6 Reasons to Book Your Newborn Session Early,
Newborn photo, Baltimore, MD. (Copyright Angela Ferguson Photography)

1. Those dreamy newborn baby photos are taken within the first 10 days of birth. Babies naturally uncurl to varying degrees shortly after birth, so the sooner your newborn session can take place, the better! Plus, you get first dibs as to when you want your session(s) to take place.

2. After the delivery, parents are able to take advantage of the hospital nursery in the evenings, allowing you to get more restful sleep than you would otherwise. This beauty rest shows up in the family photos taken at newborn sessions. 

3. You have the option to take "baby bump" (read: maternity) photos. This is yet another very special time in your lives, marking the last intimate moments before your child arrives in this world. Women who worry about feeling overweight in their photos can book sooner to aleviate this. There are also many slimming posing tricks to help with this as well. Baby bump photos are very reasonably priced and it's better to have even just one professional image of this than it is to have regrets down the road. 

4. Baby acne can start as early as day 10! By reserving a block of time, your baby can be photographed earlier. 

5. You can gather sentimental hierloom items to use during the session.

6. You can arrange for extended family members to take part in the session. What grandparent doesn't want to be there for this incredible time in your lives?! As always, here at Angela Ferguson Photography, extended family members are not only encouraged to participate, they are welcome free of charge

If, however, your baby has already been born, don't fret. Capturing the love you share will shine through in a natural lifestyle newborn photo session. More about that to come! 

Basic Newborn Posing Technique

Believe it or not, newborns are not usually naturally photogenic. There are a lot of changes going on in their little bodies that are very temporary, which is why when we think back, we only remember how perfect our little loves are. Those perfect memories are what good portrait photographs help us recall.

In this video, Kelly Brown shows one wrapping technique that can be used to create a classic newborn pose.

Basic Posing Techniques, Kelly Brown