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Whitemarsh Welcomes Little Baby A ~ Rosedale, Maryland 10-Week Old Newborn Baby Photographer

I'm honored whenever someone contacts me to take pictures of their family, but when someone hires me to take pictures of their newborn baby, I hold that as one of the highest honors of all.  

When someone first calls me to photograph their "newborn", it can be hard to guess over the phone how "new" the newborn is. Did the mom just reach her 8th week of pregnancy, or did she already deliver her baby weeks ago?

Newborn Girl Photo, White Marsh, MD

When Little Baby A's mom called me to take pictures of her very first baby, I knew time was of the essence. Indeed, by the time we could schedule the session, Little Baby A was going to be 10 weeks old. 

You know those popular poses of dreamy, curled-up nerborns? Those are best taken when your baby is less than 10 days old. For many reasons, my absolute favorite day to do a newborn session is the day your baby comes home from the hospital, but the most important reason is that in the hospital, your baby is likely to get a good night's sleep in a nursery. As a result, on the day of your baby's photo session with me, you both look and feel well rested. It may be the last time you'll be that way for the next few months!

This beauty rest for mom shows up well in the pictures. The next best day for the session is the very next day, if homecoming day isn't at all possible.

It's also important to say that baby acne can start as early as day 10, which is the second most important reason to schedule this session before your baby is born. 

That doesn't mean that I can't take pictures of your baby. We just have to play it by ear as to what your baby will tolerate and how much your baby has naturally uncurled his or her limbs. 

You can clearly see that Little Baby A's grandfather, who traveled all the way from Kenya to meet this little bundle of joy, is on cloud 9! 

Grandfather and Grand-daughter Portrait Photo, Rosedale, MD

Here's a couple more -- I couldn't resist. :-)

Family Photo, White Marsh, MD

Father and Daughter Portrait Photo, Rosedale, MD